High School Supplement: Teacher Edition

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Table of Contents

Preface to the Teacher
The Preface explains coordination with the High School Supplement.

Chapter 1: The Basics  
Practice the legal vocabulary you learned with a fraud and defamation case.

Chapter 2: Biblical Foundation and Application 
Delve deeper into the Biblical foundation upon which our country’s legal system was founded and apply Biblical principles to legal issues. Explore additional historical figures, the “Danbury Letters,” and additional worldview topics.

Chapter 3: Who’s Who in the Court System?
Discover the process of voir dire, our system’s process to ensure impartial jurors.

Chapter 4: Our Judicial System 
Learn the different types of appeals and appellate opinions, what a writ of certiorari is, and more about the U.S. Supreme Court.

Chapter 5: Types of Cases 
Explore additional concepts in criminal and civil law: mens rea and actus reus, criminal defenses and class action lawsuits—with a note about our adversarial system.

Chapter 6: Steps in a Trial or an Appellate Case
Distinguish between some types of objections that are made during trials.

Chapter 7: Persuasive Arguments 
Practice your skills of persuasion with an argumentative paper.


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