Student Worktext (Digital)

Student Worktext (Digital)

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Each student will need their own copy of the Worktext. It will walk the student step-by-step through the process of learning about our judicial system and how to prepare for a mock trial. For those who cannot hold a mock trial, holding a debate at the end of the course or assigning a paper based on a Case Summary is a great way to adapt the curriculum!


There are enrichment ideas at the end of most chapters called "Digging Deeper." These are designed to extend learning and are helpful in adapting the curriculum for use with high school students.


Table of Contents:

Preface to the Student

Chapter 1: The Basics

Start off on the right foot by learning about mock trials, why we have laws, and some basic legal vocabulary.

Chapter 2: A Biblical View of the Law

Consider the importance of Biblical principles on the origin of the American legal system and how a Biblical worldview will impact the mock trial. Explore important people and events in American legal history and apply Biblical principles to legal issues.

Chapter 3: Who's Who in the Court System?

Discover the participants in the court system and the differences between various types of witnesses.

Chapter 4: Our Judicial System

Learn the differences between state and federal courts, trial and appellate courts, and civil and criminal courts--and how to decide in which jurisdiction to file a case.

Chapter 5: Types of Cases

Explore the variety of the law while getting a taste of criminal, civil and constitutional law.

Chapter 6: Steps in a Trial of an Appellate Case

Distinguish between the step-by-step processes involved in trials and appeals, how to arrange your classroom like a courtroom and different types of testimony.

Chapter 7: Persuasive Arguments

Practice your skills of persuasion while crafting witness questions, opening and closing statements, and a strong strategy for your trial or appellate case.

Chapter 8: Preparing for the Mock Trial

Use a team approach to prepare diligently for the length of time available to your class.

Chapter 9: The Mock Trial

Enjoy the fruits of your labor during the mock trial!