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Each student will need their own copy. This curriculum will walk you step-by-step through the process of a mock trial.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Student

Chapter 1: The Basics

Start off on the right foot by learning about mock trials, why we have laws, and some basic legal vocabulary.

Chapter 2: A Biblical View of the Law

Consider the importance of Biblical principles on the origin of the American legal system and how a Biblical worldview will impact the mock trial. Explore important people and events in American legal history. Apply Biblical principles to legal issues.

Chapter 3: Who's Who in the Court System?

Discover the participants in the court system and the differences between various types of witnesses.

Chapter 4: Our Judicial System

Learn the differences between state and federal courts, trial and appellate courts, and civil and criminal courts--and how to decide in which jurisdiction to file a case.

Chapter 5: Types of Cases

Explore the variety of the law while getting a taste of criminal, civil and constitutional law.

Chapter 6: Steps in a Trial of an Appellate Case

Distinguish between the step-by-step processes involved in trials and appeals, how to arrange your classroom like a courtroom and different types of testimony.

Chapter 7: Persuasive Arguments

Practice your skills of persuasion while crafting witness questions, opening and closing statements, and a strong strategy for your trial or appellate case.

Chapter 8: Preparing for the Mock Trial

Use a team approach to prepare diligently for the length of time available to your class.

Chapter 9: The Mock Trial

Enjoy the fruits of your labor during the mock trial!


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