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What People Are Saying About Homeschool Court

Lesson Designer of the Year Award 2019.j

I was very impressed with how well the curriculum is presented. The kids found it interesting and engaging, encouraging great class discussion. We began the first semester by taking a guided tour of our local courthouse. We spent two semesters covering the material and held our trial in the courtroom of our local courthouse. Our local judge even sat right behind our student judge during the trial. I highly recommend this curriculum. 


The discussions it prompted were really rich. As a teacher, I found it to be a great blend of overview and in-depth discussion....The content and questions laid a great foundation for nurturing a respect for God's role in American government. Considering my son is only in the 4th grade, he learned a lot just in the basic reading of the material...I highly recommend this curriculum for any government or civics credit, especially because of its foundation in and connection to Biblical teaching.


The Teacher's Manual is, in my opinion, the most amazing part of this program. It's written as if the author is standing with you, walking you through teaching the course at every step. You don't have to be a lawyer to teach your children about our legal system! ... After reading through the Teacher's Manual, I was very encouraged and confident that I could teach this course.


It's important our children are able to express their opinions clearly and defend their faith and beliefs--Homeschool Court is a wonderful resource for teaching our children about the judicial system and gaining confidence in expressing their ideas....The teaching tips and helpful tools [in the Teacher Manual] make it a user friendly program.


I didn't realize how excited my kids would be about learning about the court system, laws, and having a mock trial until we started using Homeschool Court curriculum....I love that this curriculum spans such a wide age range of kids! It's perfect for homeschool families to teach as a group or individually...What a great curriculum this is, and I would highly recommend this to any family who wants to teach their children about law and the court system.


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