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Mock Trial Curriculum for ANY teacher, ANY child!

Grades 4-8 but adaptable for High School Students

Optional High School Supplement for More In-Depth Learning

Integrated Learning Across Many Subjects:

Legal Concepts * Civics * Writing * Public Speaking * Social Skill* Logic & Critical Thinking 

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Quality Civics Education

Homeschool Court provides an easy-to-use Christian curriculum to hold your own mock trial, government or civics class. Students will become well-informed American citizens who understand our judicial system in depth!

Online Education

Easy to Use

Your class only needs four items:

  • Student Worktext (Consumable; per Student)

  • Teacher Manual (1 per class)

  • Student Case Summary (Per Student)

  • Teacher Case Summary (1 per class)

You can pick up the Teacher Manual and use it with very little preparation. Answers, discussion tips, activity suggestions and recommended resources to extend the learning experience are provided.

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Fun Christian Content

All Homeschool Court materials seek to glorify our Savior and draw young people closer to Him by understanding our country's Biblical foundation. The emphasis on logic, writing and legal concepts will strengthen gifts He has given each individual student.

Unlike mock trial competitions, this curriculum is designed to be non-competitve and conducted in a relaxed learning environment.

Written by a licensed attorney who taught this class for many years, you will have all the information you need to succeed. Your success is our blessing! 

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